Michael ‘DUZAC’ Worrell is a graduate of the University of the Arts
located in Philadelphia, PA. The Harmony of Humanity is a fascinating story about college students using ancient wisdom to solve modern day problems. Profound in its scope the story uses the moral aspirations of art, science and spirituality to present a harmonious concept of humanity while confronting ethical issues pertinent to humanity as a whole, but also to the individual as they deal with their purpose in life. While completing final projects for the end of the semester Heru and Set get into a classic battle of good vs. evil, but with a twist; while looking for a way to end the battle Heru uses his ingenuity to combine his energy with the energy of Set to lift their consciousnesses to a higher level. The Harmony of Humanity is an expression of how life and nature are intertwined with the cycles of consciousness and the principles of the universe. The story leads to the wisdom and understanding that raises the spirit of the collective whole to envision paradise on Earth. So as we make advancements in technology, science and medicine we must also make advances in the moral and ethical relations with our fellow human beings. The Harmony of Humanity takes a step towards advancing humanity through compassion for one another as we create
a greener world for all.



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