The Harmony of Humanity

The Harmony of Humanity

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The Harmony of Humanity is a fascinating story about a college student who uses art, science and spirituality to solve modern day problems. With profound vision the student creates a concept of humanity that expresses how life and nature entwine with the cycles of consciousness and the principles of the universe. His art reveals that humanities struggles with race relations, social injustice and economic disparities are repercussions of an old age the world is rising out of. As the students embrace the dawning of a new era, they recognize that humanity has the task to shed the last vestiges of envy, greed, jealously, hatred, gluttony and racism for an era of peace and abundance is before them. The story proclaims that as advancements are made in technology, science and medicine there must also be advances in the moral and ethical relations with fellow human beings. This affirmation will lead humanity to the wisdom and understanding that raises the spirit of the collective whole to envision paradise on earth.

Michael Duzac Worrell

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